Moving to a new location as of Jan 26, 2020.
First Service is on that  day!
251 McCormick Rd, Cartersville, GA

Welcome to All About Jesus Ministries

Pastor Eric and Maydia Mosley from All About Jesus Ministries.
All About Jesus Ministries is here to help bring residents of Cartersville, GA and the surrounding areas to the light of Christ. We have wonderful praise and worship, bible studies, events and programs, designed to help rejuvenate your faith and give your life new direction. Our experienced and compassionate leaders are here to help you, no matter what situation or crisis you are going through. Join us to learn more.

Here to Help!

God has used our ministry to touch a number of people. Our ministry is led by wonderful and wise leaders, who are strong in the Lord. Our meetings and events are fun, easy to understand and can give you a new sense of hope. If you are going through a tough situation, we would be glad to pray and help. Built on a strong biblical foundation, our guidance can give you help to overcome problems and positively affect your life.All about Jesus Ministries have prayer every Monday night at 7pm. Come join us as we talk to the king of kings and the Lord of lords.

You are Invited!

Come to our place of worship today to receive all that God has for you! We look forward to meeting you.