All About Jesus Ministries in Cartersville, GA believes that everyone should have the privilege our listening to the gospel and knowing Jesus personally. That’s why we send people who are called to be missionaries into the world to spread the word of God. The fields where our missionaries go are sometimes uncomfortable and may not be safe. However, our people are committed to Jesus and His great commission and always strive to help others who are lost.

Spreading the Word

Through teaching and preaching of the gospel, our missionaries have led a number of people to Christ. Through the power of the Holy Ghost, we have been empowered to change lives. We are always there to help others and tell them know that they are not alone. We keep striving to give hope of the gospel to people through our missionary services. Read on for more about our missions.


A State of Darkness, a State Loved of God

All About Jesus Ministries 

Manipur has been one of the seven states of north east India since 1972, and has been at odds with the government since 1964. Due to the many different tribes and religions in such a packed state, confrontations arise very frequently, and often turn brutally violent. Terrorism and corruption are just considered everyday normalities, and have greatly influenced the so called “Christian” churches of the area. The population is predominantly a form of radical Hinduism, a cultural and religious mix of the local tribal and Hindu gods, and Islam. To this day, many of the non-believers follow a corrupt caste system, demonic witch-craft, sexual abuse, and even human sacrifice.

The majority of the Christian presence belongs to the tribes of the hills, the largest being the Naga tribe. The Nagas are actually the largest tribe in the whole of the NE of India, are predominantly Christian, and also have the most dangerous anti-government terrorist groups. It was through British imperial rule that the Gospel of Jesus Christ was heard and accepted by the majority of the tribes in the North East. Many of these tribes had been cut off from the known world, and were practicing head hunters, even up to the 1970’s. Presbyterians, Catholics, and Baptists still have a dominant foothold to this day. However, due to tribal protection laws, only tribal people native to the area may buy and own property in most tribal lands. After the British were forced to leave India in the 1950’s, the tribal Christians, already freshly converted, suffered from spiritual neglect.

To this day, many of the churches of the North East, especially the churches in Manipur, falsely represent Christ to their Hindu and Muslim neighbors throughout India and the surrounding countries. Terrorism, witchcraft, sexual abuse, corruption, and a plethora of false doctrines have infiltrated the Church. Many terrorists proclaim battle cries such as, “Nagaland for Christ,” as well as warped and destructive views of the Bible, lacking foundational doctrines of Jesus and His Word. ZK Pahru Pou writes in his article for The Sangai Express, “Killing continues in our land although we called it Nagaland for Christ. The Naga Churches have failed to hold back violence. The God of life has been defeated by the God of destruction and death in our land.” The spiritual darkness of these places will surprise even the most veteran of missionaries.

Due to economic and civil turmoil, the state suffers from an overwhelming number of orphans, widows, and civil neglect. The education system is in dire need of qualified teachers and resources, and the infrastructure is in shambles. Children throughout the state fall into drug abuse and alcoholism, sex trafficking, prostitution, and many join anti-government terrorist groups at very young ages. The government is not able to meet the needs of the people, and the majority of the churches are not in a position spiritually or monetarily to make a significant impact. Ministries from abroad were not able to alleviate the sufferings of the people, due to ignorance of the very need, as well as the inability to buy property and establish a presence, as stated by the tribal property laws. Because of constant civil unrest, foreigners were not even able to enter Manipur without special permission from the government, called protection area permits. That is, until now!

As of January, 2011, the government has opened the borders to Manipur, relaxing the Protection Area Permit (PAP)! Through the divine wisdom and timing of God, everything has uniquely been put in place for a potential base of operations onto Manipur and beyond! My wife, being a Manipuri herself, has given me and my team unique connections with the tribes and legal standings with the government. Through my family in-law, a large tract of land has been graciously offered, about the size of 6 football fields, for the very purpose of educational and spiritual reform. We have partnerships with local church leaders and ministries in place, property available for renovation and construction, years of relationships and trust already established, and the local community eagerly awaiting our return! 

This is not a mere request for money, but a chance to be a part of a genuine opportunity to proclaim the Kingdom of God with possibilities, connections, and resources that have NEVER been available until now, into the very heart of the unreached nations, commonly referred to as the 10/40 window. This is a long term project with the potential to reach thousands of previously unreached people groups within the immediate surrounding area. It is a newly opened opportunity, and the perfect strategic location for sending out local missionaries trained right on the spot, while expending the lowest possible costs. Manipur, being in India, is surrounded by unreached nations such as Bangladesh, China, Nepal, Pakistan, and is literally right next to Myanmar, one of the most unreached nations in the world! We believe the potential numbers of people we can reach and bless, God willing, will be in the thousands upon thousands, if we jump on this opportunity speedily. However, we are a small team, and although very dedicated, the burden and opportunity is much too great to carry alone. Consider the needs:

Boards, Committees, and personnel for the following projects:
1.    Educational reform – teacher training, curriculum design
2.    Construction and landscaping
3.    Computer setup and maintenance
4.    Medical assistance – nutritional / health training
5.    Church planting
6.    Missionary training
7.    Orphan and Widow ministry
8.    Marriage / Parenting training
9.    Abuse recovery / counseling programs
10.    H2O Purification
11.    Discipleship / Mentoring programs
12.    Youth Camps / VBS 

Please consider how great of an investment into the Kingdom this really is. This is a strategic move of God to establish a base that will penetrate the darkest, most unreached places of the 10/40 window. The conditions are so perfect; these circumstances have never existed before, and it truly is a once in a life time chance.

1: Mission workers qualified in the areas listed above to work on site in Manipur

2: A Manipur Missions Committee with qualified board members for each partnership who will work in conjunction with other partners’ committees, as well as establish sub-committees to oversee each individual project as deemed appropriate.

3: A combined annual budget of AT LEAST $100,000 with AT LEAST a 3 year contract, OR a project by project financial commitment until all projects are completed.

Please also understand that we are really looking for churches and ministries to take this mission project on fully, to make it their own, and to work alongside us, not for us or under us. We want true partnership; we want to work together, make decisions together (large and small), and to even submit to the decisions of more experienced and qualified partners.

Please prayerfully consider the offer before you. Yes, this is a big project. Yes, it will be the first of its kind in the area. Yes, it will take a long time. But the possible fruit that it could bear for the Lord Jesus is second to none when it comes to potential mission projects. This is the Lord’s doing, the Lord’s timing, and let be run by the Lord’s people. Please only consider a partnership if you and your Church are in agreement and the Lord has clearly placed this burden on your hearts as well. I know this is a big commitment and sacrifice, and I personally have given everything I have to this cause. Again, let’s remember that it’s not how much we accomplish for God; it’s how much we give away.

Since January of 2011, Protection Area Permits have been relaxed throughout three states of the North East, Manipur lying at the center. A unique opportunity has presented itself, and through my relationship as husband to a tribal woman of Manipur and years of established relationships, we have a right to a strong presence in Manipur! We have the property, the connections, the local partnerships, great timing, and a GREAT, BIG GOD!

Please act soon, as it truly is a matter of life and death for the millions of hurting and unreached people throughout the North East of India. Now is the opportunity God has given!

If not now, then when?

“I tell you, now is the time of God's favor, now is the day of salvation.” – 2 Corinthians 6:2

Noney, Manipur – India

Berean Ministry’s Property Development Proposal

Below is a satellite image of Berean Baptist Academy and Orphanage. This Property has been graciously offered to the work of God to those who partner alongside AAJ, Inc. and Foundation 4:13.

The following numbers below correlate to the outlined red boxes and numbers depicted above:

1.    Potential Church and Meeting Hall
2.    Kitchen expansion and renovation
3.    Orphanage and hostel(dormitory) renovation
4.    Orphanage construction
5.    Existing offices and guest housing, plus possible extension project
6.    Existing school, from nursery to class 10, plus possible renovation project
7.    Possible stage construction project
8.    Existing workers barracks, possible renovation and expansion project

The red arrows indicate a possible expansion of the wall outward to allow more available property.

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